Creating ‘seismic shifts’ through customer engagement

Ofwat regulates water and sewerage providers, setting limits on the prices that water companies in England and Wales can charge their customers. For 18 months, PwC worked as Ofwat’s delivery partner, complementing Ofwat’s skills and experience and helping them to get the best deal possible for customers and the environment. 

As a result, Ofwat brought value to customers who will now pay £3 billion less for their water; by 2019- 20, bills will be 4% lower than originally planned and 5% lower than current levels. The work also means that companies are now compelled to deliver better services and improved environmental outcomes; companies will invest £43 million to achieve this over the next five years. For example, one million more vulnerable customers receiving assistance to pay their bills, one third fewer properties affected by sewer flooding, and improved bathing water quality at 50 public beaches. The companies worked harder than ever before to engage with their customer and stakeholder groups. One recorded that they had conducted “the biggest customer engagement exercise in the company’s history”. Utility Week described it as “a seismic shift in the culture of the water sector.”

PwC is passionate to minimise the environmental impact of their own network, but recognises the greatest potential is in the work with their clients, such as OFWAT.

PwC's work with Ofwat was named the Social & Environmental Value Project of the Year at the 2016 Awards.