Demonstrating customer engagement through consultancy

With the 2015 MCA Awards just around the corner, we take a closer look at some of the shortlisted projects. The 2015 Customer Engagement category is hotly contested between four firms. Each project demonstrates successful engagement with customers through improved retention, increased brand awareness, or increased market penetration. 

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence with The Health & Social Care Information Centre

The Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is responsible for collecting, storing, analysing and sharing the nation’s health and social care data. HSCIC’s challenge was to transform from a data-centric organisation to being a customer-centric one. We engaged extensively with HSCIC’s end customers to identify common current challenges and consistent future needs and went on to develop a high level future service design according to best practice user experience and service design principles. This gave HSCIC a solid, people-centric basis for its target operating model and for a roadmap of change to deliver better services to its customers.

CSC with RBS

The financial crisis and resulting negative press led to Royal Bank of Scotland losing its reputation and identity. The Scottish public was angry and Branch Banking was feeling the impact of disenfranchised customers.

Global IT Services Company CSC and RBS worked in partnership to tackle this. After high stakeholder engagement, and detailed planning, RBS launched a new strategy to repurpose its business. It kick-started a five-year journey to reconnect the bank with Scottish customers and communities.

One year on since the implementation of the new strategy, some transformation is already evident, from improved customer satisfaction to more engaged Branch Managers.

Grant Thornton with Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society with Grant Thornton have been able to improve their mortgage advice service and customer satisfaction with an on-demand mortgage interview service, by adopting Cisco's Remote Expert solution. Customers are now able to receive mortgage advice through a secure video conferencing solution in branch, supported by screen sharing and remote printing functionality. Critically customers benefit from receiving an appointment when they want it rather than when the adviser is in the area. As a result 93% of customers have rated the service as either an excellent or good replacement for an in branch face to face appointment 

PwC with HSBC

In 2010, HSBC challenged itself to truly understand and transform its relationships with its most important global and regional clients.

PwC designed and implemented a Client Engagement Programme to sit at the very heart of HSBC’s business. This centred on a highly sophisticated global research programme, deployed across more than 25 countries and four customer segments. It utilised face-to-face, telephone and online interviewing methodologies, and insights were uncovered to inform the bank’s strategy and improve the customer experience.

After five years and nearly 35,000 interviews with HSBC’s clients, the programme is now a cornerstone of the bank’s approach to its customer strategy, allowing HSBC to protect and enhance its corporate client relationships like never before.