Ensuring the Voice of Consulting is Heard

The MCA is pressing the UK Government and Parliamentarians to ensure that the voice of consulting is heard loud and clear in the Brexit negotiations. As part of these efforts, the Association works with the Professional and Business Services Council, a broad-based body bringing together many of the key sectors that support business in the UK and around the world, and contributed to this digest of the value of our sector.

For consulting firms, it is vitally important that the clients we serve (such as financial services, automotive and manufacturing) are protected and promoted in the Brexit deal that the UK must negotiated with the EU 27.

But we are also proposing measures that will help ensure that the UK can continue to play a global and growing role as the home for high-quality and innovating consulting firms.  So we argue for a migration policy that gives our member firms access to the diversity of talent that is currently attracted to the UK from the EU27. And we are working, along with our colleagues in other EU states, to preserve and open marketplace for consulting services, with the rights to trade and be established, throughout the EU after Brexit.

The UK within Europe is able to provide the consulting services that win business for Britain right around the world. We strengthen the whole European economy, creating jobs, growth and innovation. Brexit must not be allowed to damage this great UK success story.

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