Introducing the Consultants of the Year 2014

Individual consultants from KPMG, Atkins, Deloitte, PwC and IBM have all been recognised as the best in their discipline at the 2014 MCA Awards. Categories included Change Management, HR, Performance Improvement, Strategy and Technology with an award going to the Young Consultant of the Year and an Overall Prize for The Consultant of the Year, sponsored by The Times.

See this year's Consultants of the Year below:


Sha Ali, KPMG –  The Times Consultant of the Year and Technology Consultant of the Year

Through a combination of creativity, team spirit and sheer persistence, Sha devised a revolutionary new way to investigate customers, which has saved client RBS a huge amount of time and resources. The new approach has also been submitted for what is only KPMG’s second ever patent application.

Sha earned the trust of clients by going beyond the formal terms of contracts, and acting as a broader business advisor and listening post. Sha favours the power of personal over electronic communications, helping build relationships and stimulating my team to meet ever more demanding challenges.

Tina Hughes, Atkins – Change Management Consultant of the Year

Tina Hughes is a management consultant who has overcome personal tragedy to enable a significant increase in corporate motivation and transformational change, reducing risk, resulting in improved safety at level crossings.

Following the death of her 14-year old daughter Olivia, in a level crossing accident, investigation reports highlighted errors in Network Rail’s risk assessments. Using her knowledge of risk management, Tina realised that there were serious flaws in Network Rail’s practices but feared nothing would change.

Her remarkable drive and determination to make change happen on a national scale is something her daughter would be so proud of.



Michelle Dryden, Deloitte – HR Consultant of the Year

Summary not available.





Mark Hatton, PwC – Performance Improvement Consultant of the Year

Mark is a senior consultant in PwC’s Operations practice. He is a specialist in performance improvement and has delivered over £50m in benefits to private sector clients over the past two years.

Mark stands out in particular for having conceived and co-developed PwC's ‘Perform’ solution: a unique methodology for transforming the operational performance of organisations. By building the capability of a team of 30 internal specialists, Mark has helped us deliver this solution to 10 clients so far across two continents.

Mark’s clients are commercial organisations with an immediate need to improve their operations. He faces the challenge of delivering quantifiable benefits in short timeframes, whilst engaging and building the capability of client staff to sustain the improvement once PwC has left.


Daniel Burke, PwC – Strategy Consultant of the Year
Dan has provided strategic support on many high-profile and difficult projects across the public sector. In the past year, two programmes in particular stand out: the authorisation of 211 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the inspection of 14 hospitals with high mortality rates (the Keogh Review).

As programme director in both of these, Dan has to combine a range of skills to create and maintain a strategy that can overcome the intrinsic tensions in each programme.


Sarah Collins, IBM – Young Consultant of the Year

The youngest Senior Consultant in her business unit, Sarah Collins has made an enormous impact since joining IBM as a graduate in 2010. Her project portfolio includes work on the first smart meter implementation for a major utility, and a first-of-its-kind engagement to define the social business strategy for a global retailer.

An ambassador for e-Skills UK, Sarah has shared the stage with CEOs, CIOs and Government ministers, and was the youngest person ever to speak at IBM’s Global Academic Day Conference. She is an APMG-certified Change Management Practitioner and leads a workstream for IBM’s worldwide study on organisational change.