October ‘17 with Able & How

“OCtober” is an entire month dedicated to Organisational Change. It will soon be upon us.

This is the second year that MCA members Able and How are hosting OCtober with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of Organisational Change Management (OCM).

“There’s a great interest in the topic and many thoughtful and curious people raised the discussion to an exciting level last year. We hope to do so again in 2017.” Said MCA Board Member and Able and How Director, David Ferrabee.

Able and How believe that OCM is an essential component of successful projects and the only way to truly drive sustainable change. Despite this, not everyone across the globe has recognised its full value to the same extent. The discipline of OCM is still maturing and gathering attention to different degrees in different markets. That is why they decided to dedicate an entire month to the discussion of how organisations can realise the true value from their change. October is also about celebrating why it’s so important.

This year October builds on solid foundations. Last year was a great success. The first year celebrating Organisational Change month (OCtober) was the start of something special. Able and How produced 25 individual thought leadership pieces addressing questions such as ‘What is OCM?’, ‘How do you apply it?’, ‘Who owns it?’ and ‘What does the future of OCM hold?’. Many of these pieces contributed to over 20,000 LinkedIn impressions.  The campaign concluded with an engaging round table event in London with over 20 business leaders from a variety of industries across multiple global organisations.

As with the success of last year, OCtober ’17 aims to enable debate, promote conversation, and both raise the profile and show the value of organisational change management. It will bring to the forefront what organisations should be thinking about, where the pitfalls of organisational change are, and what actions people should be taking to achieve and sustain the benefits of change.

Each week throughout the month of OCtober ‘17, Able and How will be sharing new ideas on challenging change topics including: OCM in the context of Agile ways of working, Organisational Culture, Digital Change, and Change Leadership.

You are invited to join the conversation. Read Able and How’s blog, download reports, and share your views with them.

For more details about how you can participate in OCtober, follow Able and How on the company’s social media channels, or through the MCA.