PPL win Consulting Excellence Award for Customer Service and Value

PPL is an independent consultancy, founded in 2007, working on practical projects promoting health, wellbeing and economic success. In an often crowded and challenging market environment, PPL has built their consulting team around delivering exceptional client service and value.

PPL’s submission described how they have applied the principles underpinning Consulting Excellence to develop an extensive portfolio of client relationships and outcomes; and how PPL is using Consulting Excellence today, in order to drive improvement and growth.

PPL’s first challenge focused around how to embed their founding values in their everyday work; the second, how to sustain this through a period of rapid growth and change. Through working in partnership with clients and staff, translating values into practice, and investing in not just structures and policies, but people and results,

• PPL has secured a 95% repeat business rate across the 9 years they have been in operation.

• 100% of staff, in independent staff surveys, recommend PPL as an organisation to work with, and as a place to work.

PPL client testimonials highlight both the positive experience of working with the PPL team, and the positive outcomes that have resulted across a range of key public services in the UK. Their work has been recognised nationally and internationally, including as a six times finalist in the MCA Awards, and winner of the MCA Award for Innovation in 2013. PPL continues to invest in skills and knowledge transfer, including formally training over 300 in-house consultants and change agents working across the public and voluntary and community sector in consulting best-practice, to support them drive major change within their own organisations.

PPL is working today to grow the scale and impact of their work, as an active member of the MCA focused on Consulting Excellence as the driver for client and staff recommendations, referrals and a track-record of successful delivery.