Solving Efeso International becomes EFESO Consulting

MCA member Solving Efeso, an international firm specialising in strategy and operational excellence position in growing markets, has announced its change of name to become EFESO Consulting as of 1 September 2015.

This new name affirms the integration of the legacies of both Solving and Efeso, leading business consultancies which merged in 2007. It guarantees continuity from 35 years’ worth of experience serving mid-cap and global companies in developing their strategies and maximising their competitiveness, by ensuring excellence in the operational implementation of change.

Efeso means bringing a fresh dynamic energy so that all teams adhere to a more productive culture, identifying and taking ownership of the necessary changes, gaining in autonomy and efficiency, and acquiring new capabilities.

Fillippo Mantegazza, Chairman of the EFESO Consulting Management Board said “With our new name EFESO Consulting, we are also seeking to highlight another of our strong values. Namely, our ability to put strategy into action, to coordinate complex global transformation programmes with all employees mobilised on behalf of our clients so that, in tandem with our teams, they take ownership of the dynamics of change and work towards the same objective”

EFESO today has more than 450 employees in 26 countries. Their UK head office is based in Manchester. EFESO have been members of the MCA for 13 years after being first accredited in 2002.