Mitra Seirafi

Manager, Deloitte

I am a Civil Engineer by background. After spending five years in the Engineering and Construction industry working on major projects in the nuclear, highways, offshore and aviation industries, I took the opportunity to move to Deloitte in 2019. I immersed myself in the challenges faced by its clients, helping them identify the opportunities of the country’s net zero transition and supporting them to adapt and thrive in the emerging net zero economy.

I enjoy tackling complex challenges and devising innovative solutions. Moving to consulting allowed me to apply my technical expertise to a wider range of business challenges. I find consulting intellectually stimulating, as I am constantly exposed to new and interesting problems to solve.

I’m currently working on setting up the integration capability for the High Speed 2 programme. HS2 poses significant challenges when it comes to integrating the various systems that make up the end-state railway and the organisations responsible for delivering them, due to the interwoven nature of the scheme. The integration landscape at HS2 includes technical and operational integration, commercial integration, and programme integration. HS2 Ltd is accountable for leading the integration of the whole programme. I am working with the HS2 Exec and the Integration Director to define the vision and strategy for integration at HS2 and stand up the required capability for the successful delivery of the programme.

My standard week covers a range of interesting activities, in-person and Microsoft Teams morning stand ups, client workshops, team meetings, coffee check-ins, working on different deliverables and every now and then a nice wholesome team social where we all get to connect.

Due to the complicated stakeholder landscape within the HS2 project, I deal with different levels and parts of the organisation. My day can be split between spending time with the CEO, Delivery Directors and the Integration Director followed by engaging Project Managers, Heads of HR and Engineers on the ground. Understanding the needs of my audience and connecting with them on a personal level is what I love about my job.

If you enjoy learning a lot very quickly, working on some of the most challenging problems businesses face and working with senior leaders, consulting is a great choice. It also gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of different people. Meeting and working with so many bright people is what I love most about consulting. I’ve met some of my best friends during my time at Deloitte.

It sometimes feels like a roller coaster but the one you always want to go back to the theme park and try again.