Day in the Life of a Young Consultant | Isabell Rosenoegger

Isabell Rosenoegger

Analyst, Proxima

Last year, in the middle of the global pandemic, I began my career in management consulting with Proxima having graduated with a degree in Supply Chain & Logistics in the Netherlands. This was a challenging time for many, and I was no exception with my own unique personal challenges. Not only did I move from Germany to England during that time but I also started my professional career from my living room.

My first experience with consulting was in my first year when I joined a team of student consultants who were working on various digitalisation projects for SMEs. I later had an internship in the fast-moving consumer goods industry within Henkel’s in-house IT consulting division and gained experience in their consulting function. Before Proxima, I worked for a German specialist consultancy in renewable energy and electric mobility, called umlaut. I found this really interesting and did my dissertation on their electric mobility maturity models.

Since becoming a procurement analyst, I have been able to absorb so much information. I have gleaned a lot of knowledge in such a short amount of time through the range of new projects for clients and the engagement with a variety of stakeholders. This has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to develop some essential skills and knowledge.

Proxima’s graduate programme has allowed me to explore several different areas within procurement, build valuable industry knowledge, and meet stakeholders across different industries.  I am also privileged to be surrounded by intelligent and inspiring colleagues, with expert insights and skillsets. Working alongside them is allowing me to grow and develop my own specialisms and expertise.

Within my first six months at Proxima, I worked for clients across four different industries; pharmaceuticals, retail, mobility, and information technology, in both the private and public sector. When I complete my first year on the graduate programme, I will be able to specialise within a specific field or follow a generalist procurement route. This will allow me to follow a personalised development approach, and be flexible in finding my niche.

I can strongly recommend a career in consulting. If you are energetic and enjoy working at pace, consulting allows you to shape your career. It is an ever-evolving job that does not stand still and requires you to be at the forefront of market developments and best practices in order to deliver value for clients. Being a consultant  requires a high degree of adaptability, strong communication skills and the ability to manage simultaneous demands and workstreams. What makes all the difference is being surrounded by a supportive team and I look forward to what is next for my career at Proxima.