Squeezing extra performance from teams

By Bourton Group

Consistent and sustainable high performance from teams has never been achieved by simply instructing them to work better harder and faster and issuing veiled threats if they don’t. As with any social group, the behaviour of work teams is the outcome of a complex mix of situation, opportunity and individual motivation.

Exploring the factors that contribute to effective team working can help improve our understanding of how teams can generate top results.

In their seminal book ‘The Wisdom of Teams’ (Harvard Business School Press) team working gurus, Jon R Katzenbach and Douglas K Smith identify five key elements that directly impact on team performance.

  1. Meaningful purpose
  2. Performance Goals
  3. Common Approach
  4. Complementary Skills
  5. Mutual Accountability

Bourton Group have developed and refined a proven approach that helps teams to develop in these five areas and go on to generate extraordinary performance. Central to our approach is enabling teams to find answers for themselves which they can relate to and feel they ‘own’.

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