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While contributing to the aim of shaping the future of our industry, a key focus for the Young MCA Executive Committee has been to ensure that the Young MCA is integrated into the wider MCA giving young consultants strong a voice. So far this year, the views of young consultants have been represented as part of the MCA Board, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, Sustainability Working Group and the Chartered Working Group. Through the Young MCA, young consultants have also been able to share their views on key topics, such as the future of hybrid working, with senior leaders across the MCA membership. This has been valuable as these views have differed slightly from the view of more experienced consultants.

Our focus for the next few months is to reach as many young consultants as possible. We aim to ensure that our approach to listening and networking is sustainable. After the success of the first young consultant focus group a few months ago, there are plans for more over the coming months.

I have enjoyed meeting so many people from our industry and I have valued the opportunity to understand more about the great work young consultants do. I have seen how young consultants are able to give unique perspectives and help solve some of the most complex issues. I’ve also been able to understand how diverse the Young MCA network is and how everybody has a unique story about their background. This includes those who have become consultants through an apprenticeship or graduate scheme, have come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and worked with a disability. It has encouraged me to reflect on my experiences and consider how I can utilise these to develop a skill set that is relevant for the sector both now and in the future.

We are also keen to share more stories of the fantastic work that young consultants are doing across different firms and sectors to show the great talent that we have within our sector. We have been doing this through our ‘Day in the Life of a Young Consultant’ blogs and these have proved really popular. We will also be sharing case studies on how young consultants have been able to invest in their professional development through the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) Award. If you’re on the ChMC journey, we want to hear from you – get in touch with

The Executive Committee and each workstream has been working exceptionally hard to refresh the agenda and over the next few weeks, you will hear from them and get more detail about our refreshed events strategy, upcoming regional plans, and external engagement material.

The Young MCA network has benefited young consultants and those considering a career in consulting in many ways and I am looking forward to hearing from more young consultants about their experiences.

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Written by Hassan Kamara, Chair of the Young MCA