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The Young MCA

Lorraine Nicolson

Senior Events and Communications Manager, Head of the Young MCA

+44 (0) 20 7645 7961

The Young MCA is a professional network for those starting a career in management consultancy. Throughout the year the group hosts events and networking and development sessions for consultants with 0-5 years of consulting experience from MCA member firms. The Young MCA as a group aims to engage and develop the young consultant community, whilst shaping the future of the industry. To keep up to date with all Young MCA activities, you can sign up for the newsletter below.

Young MCA Events

You can find more information about all the Young MCA events which are open for registration here. We provide a variety of event formats to ensure we cover key issues within the industry, as well as core consulting skill workshops with expert speakers. Last year, consultants had the opportunity to attend workshops on networking, presentation skills, negotiation, sales, and resiliency in leadership, along with panel discussions on artificial intelligence and mental health awareness. Lorraine Nicolson from the MCA team helps manage the Young MCA communications and event activities and you can contact Lorraine here.

MCA Sustainability Workshop | Carbon Budgeting Initiatives

A workshop focusing on carbon budgeting initiatives, including the measuring and management of the carbon footprint of client projects. In this online workshop representatives from Member firms will be sharing guidance, insights and best practice. If you would like to attend this session, please register via the link below. This virtual event is open to […]

MCA Communications Committee with guest speakers from Statista and the Financial Times

The MCA Communications Committee will be welcoming analysts from the research firm Statista to discuss the FT UK Leading Management Consultant Report 2023 as well as the Commissioning Editor from the FT for the report. The 2023 report will be the sixth annual list of the UK management consulting firms most recommended by clients and […]

MCA Online Workshop | Inclusive Language in the Workplace

A workshop focusing on inclusive language in the workplace. Hosted by Maryam Moshiri, BBC News, this workshop will aim to raise awareness of some of the challenges surrounding the use of language at work as well as hear from MCA Members sharing best practices on how to over come these challenges and educate staff. Joining […]


  • Be the voice of young consultants in the consulting industry
  • Enhance the development of young consultants through innovative and engaging events
  • Provide key networking opportunities across the UK
  • Increase awareness of the consultancy profession to school leavers and undergraduates
  • Leverage our time, skills, and experience to help others and be socially responsible



The Young MCA is led by the Young MCA Executive Committee and the Young MCA Council. The Council is made up of representatives from MCA member firms and meets 5 times a year. The Council provides feedback on industry initiatives to ensure that young consultants are represented at an industry wide level.

The Executive Committee is led by their Chair and consists of volunteer Vice-Chairs who lead their individual workstreams:

  • Events (panel discussions, skill workshops, networking, etc.)
  • Networks & Universities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Regions (activity outside of London)
  • School Leavers (representing consultants who entered the industry via alternative routes)


Members of the Young MCA also get involved with numerous University engagements across the UK promoting consulting as a profession. The Young MCA appears regularly on panels, discussing the life of a consultant in front of students interested in future career opportunities in the industry. We have strong relationships with several London based business schools and universities, but also attend events in Manchester and Birmingham.

The Young MCA and Apprentices


An apprenticeship is a paid job where the employee learns and gains valuable experiences.  Many MCA members offer apprenticeships that include on-the-job training as well as at least 20% of the working hours completed through classroom-based learning with a college, university or training provider which leads to a nationally recognised qualification. Apprenticeships in the consulting sector are also expected to increase by 25%, in record numbers from 2021 to 2022 as the consulting sector continues to be more accessible to talent from a varied mix of backgrounds. Apprenticeships have also been surveyed in the MCA Annual Industry Report 2021 and over 1,200 trainees, apprentices or school leavers joined the sector, despite the pandemic. This is mainly driven by large firms who have on average 186 apprentices on programme at any given time.

Hear from consulting apprentices and read about a day in their working life is like:


MCA members have offices and consultants based across the country and the Young MCA has now established regional networks in the UK. So far we have hosted events and university sessions in Bristol, Manchester, and Birmingham, with the aim of ensuring our young consultants have access to the Young MCA network wherever they’re based. If you frequently work outside of London and would like to keep tabs on events in your area, please get in touch with

The network also provides opportunities for consultants to get involved with corporate social responsibility work with teams built across our member firms. With over 150 hours of volunteered time on projects in 2018 our young consultants provide valuable improvements and advice to non-profits all whilst developing their own skills and networking with peers.

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