Young MCA | Hear from an Experienced Hire – Charlie Hill

Charlie Hill

Analyst, North Highland

What did you do before you joined North Highland and how does it differ from consulting?

I was a commercial pilot for 12 years before joining North Highland, flying the A380 for Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi. The role of a pilot differs in almost every way from that of a consultant. I think the biggest difference is that as a pilot, your job is to meticulously follow standard procedures, whereas in a consulting role, you are always looking to change and improve existing procedures and ways of working.

What have you found is your greatest challenge being an experienced hire and how have you tried to overcome it?

For me, the greatest challenge as an experienced hire was the shift from a comfortable state of mind in my previous career to a development mindset that I hadn’t accessed for many years. I have attempted to overcome this challenge by reading business management books in my spare time as well as asking as many questions as I can of everyone around me. North Highland has such a supportive culture that continually asking questions of colleagues of any level never feels awkward or difficult.

What advice would you give to experienced hires starting off their careers in consulting?

My main advice to experienced hires is that you have more transferrable skills than you think. They may not be immediately obvious, so the challenge is how to find them and make the most use of them in your new role as a consultant. The best advice I have is to approach that challenge with a growth mindset but more importantly, to enjoy that process. It’s fun to learn things about yourself and see the way in which you can apply your skillset to new and different challenges.