Young MCA | Negotiation Showcase Event Feature

“There is always a better deal”.

On 17th October, the GAP Partnership – a global negotiation consultancy – facilitated a negotiation workshop for the Young MCA, at BearingPoint offices in London.

A room packed out with 40+ junior consultants from across the industry learned:
• How to conduct a multi-dimensional approach to negotiations
• Understanding power
• Trading concessions and how to maximise deal values without conceding too much in return

The workshop also comprised multiple interactive features, including two case studies whereby consultants were able to practise the six laws of persuasion; reciprocity; scarcity; authority; legitimacy; difference and relativity. The GAP Partnership was very effective in making their workshop applicable to the consulting industry whilst avoiding the topics of Brexit and Donald Trump… almost!

As the workshop drew to a close, the networking began. The GAP partnership fielded an informal Q&A with attendees, discussing approaches to negotiations and their applications in other environments, both in the board room and in Brussels. In any case, the contingent present will undoubtedly view topical negotiations in the media from a different standpoint; what are the positions of the negotiating parties, but importantly, what are their interests and how can these be leveraged to reach a favourable outcome?

All in all, the evening was a success and we hope to see some new and familiar faces at the next Young MCA event on November 7!

Words by Arjun Barn & Joseph Riou, BearingPoint