Atif Rashid, Gobeyond Partners

Innovation Consultant of the Year

Atif doesn’t come from a traditional consulting background and doesn’t hold an MBA, but it hasn’t stopped him from building a highly successful career transforming customer experience through innovative use of technology.

He has honed his knowledge through hands-on experience designing and delivering solutions. These are always built on his deep technological expertise as well as significant research, from the Board room to storefront, to understand the true customer experience organisations deliver.

During the first COVID-19 lockdown Atif worked tirelessly to accelerate a programme that would support a luxury fashion retailer in building a digital-first business. He designed and implemented self-serve IVR and chatbots, navigating across different technology ecosystems to build a solution in half the time it would usually take. It’s introduced innovative data visualisation and conversational design and flipped the client’s existing support offer. Email and voice contact has been reduced as customers receive 24/7 responses to common enquiries in their preferred channel using chatbots and WhatsApp messaging.

When colleagues across the business want to introduce innovative technology, Atifis always the first point of contact. He has worked tirelessly to coach colleagues and shapes the innovative offers Gobeyond Partners take to market.

He excels at building collaborative relationships and using a consulting lens to deliver creative solutions that solve each client’s individual needs. His key focus has always been to understand the customer and build something that makes life easier for them.