Luke Teacy, Deloitte

Innovation Consultant of the Year

Luke is one of the most influential AI consultants in the industry, with a renowned talent for delivering innovative enterprise-scale AI and data solutions on time and to budget.

As a former university research associate, Luke transitioned to consulting with Deloitte in 2016, where his work has included building natural language processing systems to automatically identify key information from legal text, reducing the need for laborious manual search; developing AI-driven search tools with the potential to save billions of pounds in revenue through reduced time to market; and architecting data and AI systems for mobile banking to help customers better understand and manage their personal finances.

At the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), Luke was responsible for designing and leading the delivery of a new AI system for trademark applications that enables applicants to better understand trademark requirements and identify potential issues prior to submission, and enables examiners to more accurately and quickly identify existing trademarks that are similar to an application in terms of text or visual appearance — without exhaustively searching thousands of trademarks.

Key to Luke’s success is his ability to engage with his clients to develop a deep understanding of their needs and processes. His knowledge of AI, engineering and cloud-computing technologies enables him to deliver solutions that solve complex problems at scale, serving millions of customers in a robust and reliable way. His dedication to people development, sharing knowledge and building capability leaves a lasting legacy, enabling his clients to continue to grow and innovate sustainably and independently.