Chris Madelin, Deloitte

Innovation Consultant of the Year

Chris has been helping organisations to transform for over ten years; as an analyst, engineer, team leader and now spearheading engagements that deliver new customer experiences, digital platforms and agile ways of working to help clients become true digital machines.

It hasn’t got any easier.

Launching new propositions is hard. Transforming legacy systems is hard. Overcoming an organisation’s inertia to change is hard. Doing it all at the same time? A Herculean task.

These transformations look like an iceberg; what everyone sees is the experience that is delivered, but lurking below the waterline are the technologies, methodologies and people required to truly change.

Chris was sick of being fooled by icebergs.

Fuelled by years of experience, engineering know-how, gigabytes of PowerPoint and late-night pizzas, he rolled up his sleeves and built a team of innovators to create solutions that advance technologies, methodologies and approaches at scale.

A fantastic example of their success is Deloitte’s Alpha digital banking platform. Its cloud-native cutting-edge technology components are pre-built and ready to use. Including flexible FinTech adapters and transformational enablers, Alpha is helping organisations of all sizes to build from scratch, launch new propositions and shake up outdated legacy systems.

Chris doesn’t just support clients on their journey but turns them into digital powerhouses, ready for whatever the next wave of digital disruption can throw at them. He’s been there, done that and built a platform that’s helping banks promote financial literacy and well-being across society.