Nele Van Buggenhout, PwC

Innovation Consultant of the Year

Eight years ago, PwC created a ground-breaking coaching methodology called Perform – a programme where consultants work face-to-face with a client’s managers and teams to instil new habits and make them better at their jobs. It was truly revolutionary, achieving incredible results unimaginably quickly. Then, with digitalisation advancing and remote-working increasing exponentially, PwC wanted to grow Perform to benefit more clients in more places around the world. So they set about innovating using cloud technology to take Perform to the next level – with Nele at the helm.

Nele is a director in PwC’s Operational Effectiveness practice. She is well known for her love of innovation, new ideas, entrepreneurship – and her desire to build awesome products. The result of her recent work is Perform Plus – a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that marries the hands-on Perform coaching programme with smart technology, greater data-processing capacity and advanced analytics.

In a year that ways of working have been changed more than ever before, Nele has accelerated innovation across the solution to help clients to respond to huge challenges: how to maintain productivity across virtual teams; how to collaborate better remotely; how to ensure employee wellbeing.

She continuously strives to achieve more, whether that’s generating insights on behavioural data, integrating it with other systems, or developing commercial strategies. All the while, Nele has built and led a hungry, motivated, energetic team, inspiring them to ‘break the mould’ and do things differently.

Perform Plus is already making a difference in 12,000 people’s work lives every day, and Nele aims to grow that to 200,000 happy users over the next five years.