Future Arc, Best New Consultancy

Best New Consultancy

Future Arc is a new type of management/business consultancy and venture builder needed in the age of emerging tech – bringing together digital strategies, people and technological expertise. Our mission is to deliver lasting change in society through enabling and empowering small groups of people.

We believe in a combined upside and that is what we deliver against. We focus on:

  1. Client impact: are we going to be able to have a positive impact on the client and their future?
  2. People impact: is a project going to have the ability to develop our people through experiences gained?
  3. Social impact: are we going to positively impact society, the environment and other stakeholders?

Although we believe in leading methodologies, we think that the modern world consultancy has to be bespoke. To do this successfully, a consultancy has to think, act and live like it belongs to the client organisation. This is the delivery culture we develop our people in, helping them to be adaptable to provide the greatest impact to our clients, people and their key stakeholders.

Our USP is universal to all consultancies; the people that sit within Future Arc. Therefore we view all other firms as collaborators, as talent is universal and the impact of collective talent compounds as it grows.

Launched in 2017, Future Arc has doubled in size annually and is currently at 17 full-time UK staff with a plan to be 30 by the end of 2021. We have supported several large organisations in the Public Sector, Private Sector and Third Sector, often delivering lasting change around technology.

To date we have successfully supported our clients in:

  • Contributing to £3bn in top line growth and c.£100m of savings
  • Transforming one of the UK’s largest Supply Chain functions
  • Designing digital disruptors to business models

Across clients and projects such as:

Crown Commercial Service: Designing a new end-to-end experience for the organisation to support their growth aspirations and release increased savings for the UK Public Sector.

EDF Hinkley Point C: Working with the Supply Chain Director to transform the function and the critical and complex Supply Chain whilst also dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 and BREXIT.

“Working with Future Arc has been a very different (but incredibly positive) experience in comparison to experiences and journeys with other Transformational consultants throughout my career. The balance of strategic intelligence and their hands on approach means they feel like part of the team and deliver tangibles. They are a real pleasure to work with; always bringing positivity to any situation!”

  • Deborah Beveridge, Head of Client Function, Hinkley Point C

Marie Curie: Helping the senior leadership group to design digital disruptors to the business model to increase its impact on people in the UK affected by dying, death and bereavement.

We feel lucky to have worked with the organisations we have on the challenges we have. As we grow further, we believe through empowering and developing our people, our impact will only continue to compound for our clients and the broader society.