Angela Spatharou, IBM Consulting

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

Dr. Angela Spatharou brings 20+ years of experience advising the NHS and Health System leaders in EMEA, North America and LATAM, through distinctive thought-leadership in seminal topics, with IBM Consulting and in earlier roles. More recently her thought leadership has focused on:

  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Health Systems, defining the use cases delivering most value to patients and societies, in collaboration with EU institutions – through publications and public speaking in major fora, and as Board member of the EU’s European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Health).
  • Designing and delivering ‘Digital First’ Health Systems, first, Reimagining Health and defining the role of Digital Health Ecosystems, and second, helping shape a roadmap for Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) representing a 3.3bn population to strengthen pandemic response and leapfrog to ‘Digital First’ Health, supporting the WHO and the Gates Foundation.
  • Ensuring our Health and Care System focuses on inclusiveness for the most vulnerable, for example people facing Mental Health or Addiction issues, working with the NHS and Action on Addiction.
  • Supporting Higher Education on risk, strategy and inclusiveness, during Brexit and later, the COVID19 pandemic, through her role with the LSE. She has also been invited to contribute to the National Review of Health and Social Care Leadership in England

“She is passionate about supporting Healthcare leaders excel through distinctive thought-leadership and has driven new thinking globally around AI, Digital and Analytics, and also on inclusiveness in Healthcare and Higher Education.”

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