Bob Booth, IBM Consulting

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

Starting his career as an accountant, Bob quickly realised he wanted to bring innovation to all he did, helping shape ideas, encouraging others to bring creativity to their role, and think that little bit deeper.

Bob’s thought leadership in management consulting can be best seen through four key areas:

  1. Client Delivery – Bob has led the development of a people centric, experience led method that has brought together IBM capabilities and technology, driving client value and IBM value in a unique way, which has now been adopted by many of IBMs 140,000 consultants globally.
  2. Ways of working – Bob has driven collaboration, innovation, and industrialisation of these ways of working in IBM.
  3. External Publications – Bob has been writing white papers for 10+ years, and over the last five years has driven the reinvention on IBM’s brand in finance and procurement services.
  4. Wellbeing – Bobs personal experience of neurodiversity and work-related stress, has led to a deep desire to better understand and manage mental and physical well-being, and bring his thought leadership to help colleagues across IBM Consulting and in client firms to help to manage their physical and mental wellbeing.

Bob’s great strength in Thought Leadership stems from his passion for innovation which he brings to life through the creation and aggregation of ideas, and then industrialising and sharing his thought leadership both internally and externally.

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