Ben Evans, IMPOWER

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

Ben Evans, a Delivery Director at IMPOWER, has demonstrated guile, determination and resilience to successfully lead a team in extremely testing circumstances.

Driving behaviour change within the highly complex world of health and social care is difficult at the best of times – but throw Covid into the mix and you have a challenge of epic proportions.

Ben and his team were tasked with introducing new tools and working practices to help patients to get home from hospital as quickly and safely as possible while also delivering longer-term strategic work.

Through his leadership, team members were able to work effectively on busy hospital wards and quickly become accepted as a valuable addition to NHS teams at the height of the pandemic.

Facing initial cynicism to his team’s presence, he worked skilfully with the clients at both a senior and frontline level to reassure them and provide challenge where necessary to keep the project on track. He purposely worked in a way that would keep team members out of the firing line – maintaining morale and keeping them focused on delivering change on the ground.

The work of Ben’s team has had a dramatic impact in the space of just a few months and has fundamentally altered the way frontline practitioners work while improving outcomes for patients. Hearts and minds have been won over and the consultancy has now been commissioned to continue its work.

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