Beng-Tiong Tan, IBM Consulting

Technology Consultant of the Year

Beng is recognised within IBM for his extensive experience in creating first-of-a- kind close gap solutions that have won him many awards. Beng has a range of architecture knowledge that allows him to lead both strategic architectural visioning across an enterprise and product-level architecture. He acts as the Chief Architect and quickly becomes the trusted advisor to his teams and clients, who genuinely refer to him not by name but as Super Beng due to his depth of understanding and ability to marry business vision, constraints, and architectural estate.

In March 2020, bp and IBM launched a flagship programme to create a global eMobility solution with a complex landscape that consists of start-up acquisitions, multiple third parties, and custom-built solutions. Beng leads design and delivery of this global solution that accelerates time-to-value in the markets and evolves with the fast-changing electrification landscape. Instead of a big design upfront for a multi-year programme, Beng adopts an architect as gardener mindset where experiments are nourished, not pursuing perfection but with periodic pruning to evolve the architecture.

Beng consistently goes above and beyond his daily work to provide advice and guidance to other parts of the client organisation and always puts the client first. He turns challenging and difficult situations into opportunities. He becomes the person the team would go to with any problems.

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