Danny Silk, CF

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

In March 2020, Danny moved from New York to London with a conviction to support the NHS to advance innovation in health and care. His prior work had provided him with skills to guide clients and teams, though it was based on the “what” of management: identifying needs, crafting work plans, delegating tasks and monitoring progress. These are critical but miss the essence of real leadership.

Over the last two years, Danny had the exposure and learning to re-frame the value he brings. Central to this has been a focus on the “how” of leadership. This includes leading in a way that is authentic to him and inclusive to those on his teams.

He is now anchored by this “how” of leadership: by building trust, setting a common vision, communicating clearly, and engaging teams openly whilst progressing delivery. He attributes this shift to his individual success as a team lead and to collective team successes.

Through this approach, he has proudly led national NHS efforts benefiting clients, his firm, and team members alike. The Covid-19 vaccine programme was among the most data-driven and effective initiatives globally. His firm engaged successfully with clients and have scaled that impact. And project teams remained active as they crafted solutions during a time of great need.

Learning how to lead has opened Danny’s mind, heart and ability to connect meaningfully with others; he says applying that to his work in service of NHS clients has been a true privilege.

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