Bhagiyash Shah, BearingPoint

Technology Consultant of the Year

Bhagiyash is a serial problem solver; his objective is to help orchestrate client programmes to design and deliver future-looking solutions, where people are placed at the centre of the Technology-enabled change. Bhagiyash has an intuitive feel for the “big” picture of his clients’ situation and intentions and is able to exploit his vast experience, built through hands-on Technology delivery and insights gained from deep analysis of less successful programmes, to help navigate a workable path to delivering results for his clients, business owners, end users and wider society.

With his most recent client project – Ministry of Defence’s Cortisone programme – Bhagiyash has been fully mission-aligned from day one. He has drawn upon his experience and assistance from his network of colleagues from the commercial world, NHS and other organisations, to help Defence Medical Services (DMS) with the challenge of replacing many bespoke clinical IT systems and improving upon these to support UK’s Armed Forces. DMS in parts looks like the NHS but in other areas is very different, and Bhagiyash has been instrumental in helping DMS address this complication and find a way ahead to deliver their ambition to use standard NHS IT and Digital solutions within their very specialised context.

Bhagiyash’s pragmatic, pro-active and visionary approach is fully acknowledged and valued by his MoD clients, at all levels. He works alongside other technologists, managers, business owners and end users to ensure what was promised gets delivered.

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