Blair Parkinson, Inner Circle Consulting

Rising Star

Blair believes that cities and towns can shape lives and can be leveraged to improve life outcomes for all. She utilizes management consultancy as the multi-faceted tool to affect change by bridging the public and private sector in pursuit of social and economic good. She is a rising star within the industry who shows great potential.

With experience working for the City of Chicago and a construction management firm, Blair moved to the UK to further her specialist expertise with a Master’s in Urban Planning from the London School of Economics. Here, she witnessed a more holistic approach to making cities better with sustainability at its core. She was inspired to join ICC in 2020 because she knew management consultancy was the platform to create meaningful change.

Blair sees climate change as the single greatest threat to cities and believes consultants have an increasingly pivotal role in improving resiliency. Her strength lies in how she connects with every member of a team and breaks down silos to create a flat, transparent, and collaborative environment.

Since joining ICC, Blair has led on a major urban regeneration in Cornwall, a heat strategy, and a new service offer to help clients define, design, and deliver their climate ambitions. Blair shares the power of consulting and has recruited from around the world. As chair of the Young Consultants group, she helps young people navigate the sector. Her tenacity and collaboration have awarded ICC’s Kudos award six times and she was promoted within six months.

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