Christopher Robinson, IBM Consulting

Technology Consultant of the Year

Chris has worked in the IT industry for twenty-five years, starting his career as a developer before focusing on Quality Assurance and Testing. In addition to his technical skills, Chris has very strong communication skills. He uses these to great effect to explain complex IT issues in understandable language to different stakeholders bridging between the technical work and Directors, setting the direction, and enabling informed decisions to be made that drive progress.

Chris’ experience is broad having delivered successfully for clients across financial services ensuring regulatory compliance, more recently leading a mission critical system implementation under high pressure that have served as the bedrock of our nation’s actions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

His in-depth technical knowledge and expertise ensures he is the Quality Assurance resource of choice on IBM’s most demanding delivery programmes. He has implemented a range of innovative assurance approaches in different technologies from Financial Markets trading systems, online retail systems, data warehouses to middleware. The Quality Assurance approaches Chris has implemented, are so highly valued by the client, they are adopted as the new standard for future client projects to follow.

Chris actively ensures a diverse culture, building highly performant teams with individuals possessing complimentary skills and capabilities.

In summary, Chris has defined, led, and implemented multiple quality assurance solutions across a diverse group of top tier business clients. This culminated in the completely automated test coverage for the Test & Trace RTTS platform that enabled an unprecedented pace of delivery and saved lives.

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