Gemma Popple, PwC

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

Gemma is a senior manager in PwC’s Local Public Services team. Over the past nine years, she has worked with NHS organisations and social care teams across the UK, helping them to deliver improvements to the support they provide to citizens.

Gemma’s an extraordinary consultant; someone her team members love and follow. She has shown consistent high impact in everything she does, and on every project, she leaves a legacy of a client that’s delighted with PwC, and with Gemma personally.

Gemma’s leadership approach is based on doing the right thing for people. For example, at a large Council, she challenged the Social Care Senior Management Team on their safeguarding performance, which was rapidly deteriorating. Gemma encouraged the group to see past their team barriers to think about the implications of a poor safeguarding service to a person in need. Despite this being ‘out of scope’ for the programme, she knew something had to be said, and was unafraid to do the right thing. Gemma always does the right thing. She has very high integrity, and makes sure her projects deliver the desired outcome for clients. Indeed, Gemma won the 2020 PwC ‘Act with Integrity’ award and was a deserving winner.

People queue to get on Gemma’s teams, such is her investment in them individually. Everyone knows that a project team Gemma leads will be dripping with purpose, and will be focused on making a massive difference to the public sector – truly the best of Management Consulting.

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