Georgina Carter, PwC

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

Georgina is a senior manager in PwC’s Business Transformation practice. She has always been passionate about people, creating amazing experiences and innovating how we work, so it’s little surprise she found herself exploring how we can do things differently in the world of business change.

Georgina’s thought leadership explores how to harness the power of change that has been so monumental in our personal lives, and apply this to the corporate world. Reimagining Change is the first credible study on how to converge these two worlds, and with a backdrop of two years of unprecedented global upheaval, there’s has never been a more pertinent time to do so.

Georgina has presented her thought leadership to CEOs, Board members, academics and those embarking on large-scale transformations – all with resoundingly positive feedback, and sparking curiosity to help them reimagine their future.

She is setting the scene for a new chapter of consulting, at the intersection of human experience and technology. Her theory has already been put into practice – and this is just the beginning. She is exploring something that many believe will be at the forefront of driving change in corporate environments throughout the next decade.

All the while, Georgina has built a tight-knit team around her at PwC. She has created a hungry, motivated and energetic unit, inspiring them to ‘break the mould’ and do things the industry hasn’t been able to achieve before. With Reimagining Change, she is pioneering how we make real change happen – and stick.

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