Harry Glew, PwC

Rising Star

Over the past three years, Harry has been at the forefront of developing PwC’s Service capability, developing not only his customer experience expertise, but also incorporating additional skills to aid his client work – most notably, behavioural economics and service excellence.

Harry recently stepped up to lead the process optimisation workstream on a flagship engagement with a UK-based multinational enterprise software company. He was the clear choice, by virtue of his excellent client relationship skills, technical expertise, and leadership qualities.

Harry designed the solution for improving the client’s Sales & Retention performance. Once designed, he operationalised the changes, working with the client to integrate the solution with its systems and workflow. He trained the operational teams in how to use the insight he provided for them, and coached team leaders to drive operational improvements on a daily basis.

The project achieved a US$7m uplift in Annual Recurring Revenue in just four months, with a 66% higher success rate of converting a customer interaction into a renewal, and 81% higher success rate of winning back lost customers.

Alongside this, he also saw an opportunity to help the client identify which customers were more likely to cancel their subscriptions, and arranged for PwC to carry out the work. The autonomy and innovation shown to identify and see this sale through at his grade is both rare and commendable.

All in all, Harry is an exemplary role model for all those around him. He’s an outstanding young consultant with a very bright future.

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