Jasmina Pelivani , Netcompany

Technology Consultant of the Year

Jasmina Pelivani was the driving force behind the successful development and deployment of the Covid Pass for NHSX enabling the safe reopening of society in England and Wales. Her deep technical and business skills were critical in establishing project teams, technical design, and the implementation of a fully functional system within an incredibly short time frame. This work also established the technical foundation for Covid Pass solutions in Norway and Scotland.

Jasmina has time and again shown an incredible ability to act at an operational level, with a focus on specific technical challenges in delivering projects, as well as at CxO level where she can clearly explain the status of the project and guide customers on how we ensure timely delivery.

Developing a critical solution like the Covid Pass required not just skilled leadership but also the ability to maintain a strategic overview to adapt to fast-moving changes in legislative and project requirements. Navigating a complex project of this nature is impressive enough but steering it successfully through the unpredictability of Covid-19 pandemic policy in one of the world’s largest economies marks Jasmina out as a very special talent.

Jasmina also managed to keep individual team members’ professional and personal development in focus while delivering the solution at pace and on time. She understood the importance of cultivating a sense of community for her team to thrive and remain motivated during the project, which was completed when teams were not allowed to meet in person.

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