Jo Andrews, Carnall Farrar

Experienced Leader Award

Dr Jo Andrews was a practicing clinician for 23 years, combining anaesthesia with a range of hospital management and leadership positions. He brought his passion for and experience in healthcare to Carnall Farrar (CF), where he rapidly learned his consultancy craft.

Over the past six years he has built a reputation as a trusted advisor to clients, helping them navigate a wide range of complex problems, and develop both solutions and the consensus needed to deliver them. His approach is grounded in my clinical experience and relies on listening first, testing and synthesising, and building the solution with the client through data driven conversations that are grounded in their experiences.

He is a source of expertise within CF and role models the leadership and facilitation of others that are critical to collective success. His project work has spanned clients from single local providers to NHS England national teams, and through this he remains true to the commitment he made as a front-line clinician: to work to improve the lives of patients and staff.

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