Katie Ivison, Deloitte

Technology Consultant of the Year

Katie joined Deloitte’s Analyst program in 2014, joining the Public Sector practice working with clients in Business Analysis and Test roles.

A year later, Katie joined the Home Office team as a junior exploratory tester before transitioning to a BA role on the global roll out of visa products. Katie became part of the wider project BA community before moving into team- and delivery leadership positions. She has a particular passion to support the upskilling and development of others by rewarding and widely celebrating team member’s successes, holding regular checkpoints, and ensuring colleagues gain a breadth of experience and grow their skills.

Katie ensures best practice delivery for our clients by focusing on ways of working, people and culture, and client relationships. This forms a solid base for high quality delivery of challenging and complex solutions for our clients, and enables Katie’s team to support our clients by responding rapidly in moments of crisis.

In Katie’s current role as a Delivery Lead at the Home Office, she oversees 95 people across 12 delivery teams.

In May 2020, the Home Office needed to deliver the Public Health Passenger Locator Form as part of the national Covid-19 response and a critical element supporting the reopening of the UK. A team was urgently formed under Katie’s leadership. This form had to be available for everyone entering the UK, via all modes of transport, from June. With Katie’s leadership, skills, and passion to help clients solve urgent problems at speed, the Passenger Locator Form prototype was delivered in 48 hours and released to the public in 2 weeks. At the point the PLF was taken offline in March 2022, a total of almost 50 million submissions had been made.

More recently, in February 2022, Katie was involved in the urgent delivery of immigration forms built to enable those fleeing the war in Ukraine to travel to the UK. Katie led the delivery team, building a prototype in 24 hours, re-using existing technology and infrastructure to support the application process, liaising with high profile stakeholders, balancing security requirements and usability needs – and delivering to production in just 7 days. Since the go-live over 128,000 applications have been submitted.

Katie’s story starts with her role as an exploratory tester, progressing to leading on high profile and critical delivery projects.

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