Kim Warren, Credera

Inclusion Award

I have an intrinsic belief in fairness and the right of everyone to be treated with respect and equal opportunity. Since exchanging academia for consulting, I have found myself at the forefront of championing diversity and inclusion (D&I) within our firm, our clients, and our country.

My story has become more public than I ever anticipated. I first became involved with D&I after attending a trans awareness workshop on a client site in 2018. The connections made that day have supported and encouraged me to:
• Found our LGBTQ+ Network creating a safe space for all my LGBTQ+ colleagues.
• Establish a Diversity function and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) groups. As the firm has grown, I have taken on the Diversity Lead role.
• Lead our recent Stonewall Workplace Equity Index application, resulting in a silver award.
• Develop a Trans Support and Transition at Work policy which was approved by our Board, communicated to our people, and published online.
• Update our EDI policy.
• Work with our EDI groups and recruitment team to help make Credera more inclusive.
• Support client colleagues to develop their EDI policies.
• Drive meaningful change to help make the wider corporate world more friendly and accessible to transgender people, via my Voluntary Director role at Trans in the City.

I aim to bring patience, knowledge, and kindness to my workplace, and I appreciate the time Credera gives me to spend time on the day job and the gay job.

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