Larice Stielow, PwC

Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

Larice is an economist and policy specialist, passionate about projects that use economic analysis to create positive change for society and make the world a fairer, more sustainable place. Larice’s main focus has been public sector work: helping governments make better decisions in delivering policy, spending, infrastructure and aid programmes that help to improve lives and livelihoods.

Her focus in the past few years has been advising clients on policies that improve socio-economic outcomes – particularly for poor and marginalised groups, including women and girls, those with low or no incomes, and those living in fragile and conflict-affected environments.

Larice is exceptionally good at analysing the pressing issues of the day, and turning data and knowledge into actionable insights. Leading PwC’s Women in Work thought leadership, Larice took on a difficult but important challenge to tell the story of the damage being done by COVID-19 to women’s jobs and livelihoods.

Larice led the work and the diverse team with commitment and passion. She managed a completely virtual team, and inspired their commitment to the topic and the project. She promoted the publication throughout PwC, and beyond, including investing a lot of her personal time for presentations to businesses, governments, and NGOs globally.

Her work helped to get the voices of women heard, and drive greater understanding of the underlying gender inequalities experienced by women in work and their everyday lives.
Larice is now recognised both internally and externally as a thought leader in the economics of gender equality in work.

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