Matthew Greenhalgh, Credera

Rising Star

While I am a recent convert to consultancy, throughout my career I have loved applying technology to support organisations to improve, be more efficient and ultimately make people’s lives better.

A decade of work supporting public sector organisations prior to becoming a consultant brings an added dimension and humility to my way of working.

Since joining Credera in 2020, I have built a reputation that I can be relied upon to step up and develop strong insights amidst the complexities of our client engagements and on internal projects. Specifically, I have:
• Raised collaboration and team performance across two large government organisation clients – improving internal and external communications and taking a people first approach wherever I operate.
• Led on an application landscape rationalisation project and data migration approach definition for a major governmental programme.
• Been instrumental in running our Credera podcast series, engaging with all levels of the firm to capture our points of view, and successfully driving market awareness for Credera.
• Taken on an internal commercial risk management role and expanded it to deliver valuable metrics that are presented monthly to the board, supporting the successful growth of our firm.
• Internal responsibility as our public sector sales support lead, where I continue to build on our operating model and demonstrate our supporting software’s importance to our team’s performance.

I am thriving on the opportunities that consultancy brings to influence positive change in our client’s transformation programmes.

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