Micaela Solis, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Rising Star

Simon-Kucher’s “Hidden Hero” Micaela began her consulting career at a tumultuous time. Yet, while the industry struggled to maintain team spirit and foster client relationships, Micaela managed not only to adapt and deliver lasting results for clients, but continues to do all she can to encourage and improve her teams.

Micaela works to deliver sustainable profit growth for consumer-facing industries. Her industry expertise allows her to deliver tailored recommendations, helping clients meet and adapt to ongoing challenges – not least the global pandemic and unprecedented levels of inflation. Her emphasis on collaboration and client immersion has resulted in implementable, tangible impacts, fostering client satisfaction and loyalty.

Collaboration is at the heart of Micaela’s approach to project teams. She creates a welcoming and inclusive environment by developing supportive working relationships. She is a valued mentor for new colleagues, training junior members in project teams and goes beyond her project work to foster a sense of community in the office.

In her three years at Simon-Kucher, Micaela has spearheaded local initiatives to further diversity, equity, and inclusion on multiple axes – succesfully organizing a Women in Consulting recruitment event, initiating a social mobility mentorship partnership, and inviting a prominent Black British Historian to speak in an event during Black History Month.

Seeing the powerful impact Micaela has made in her short time as a consultant, it’s clear that her ambition and drive will continue to uplift her clients and change the consultancy industry for the better.

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