Rebs Foran-Coutts, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Inclusion Award

It’s not easy leaving the military.

Gone is the clear structure, set routine and chain of command. Suddenly, you’re taking life-changing decisions in isolation and adapting to a very unfamiliar pace of life.

Transitioning into this new world does not come easy – something Rebs Foran-Coutts knows about all too well. A military career cut short, together with a variety of physical and mental health challenges, left her reliant on a daily cocktail of opiate-based medication. And that’s not all.

Arriving with high hopes at BAE Systems a few years ago, she was greeted by a lack of tailored support and a general lack of understanding about the needs, wants and ways of a veteran. She decided there and then that this had to change.

Fast forward to today, and new arrivals can count on the presence of VetNet, a new Veterans Network. Open to all, it provides an inclusive community for individuals to share and learn from each other, as well as providing mentoring, support and a calendar of events and training.

Thanks to Rebs and her colleagues, VetNet now numbers nearly 700 members across the entire BAE Systems Group – with more joining every month – and is a key part of BAE Systems’ Gold Award in the Armed Forces Covenant.

From their first day onwards, VetNet is ensuring that BAE Systems is a great place to work for veterans and reservists, and is right there with them as they step forward into their new life.

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