Vendigital with Parker Meggitt

Commercial Impact

“With the planned acquisition by Parker-Hannifin in sight and the global aerospace sector getting back on the road to recovery, Parker Meggitt’s focus on delivering top line revenue has rarely been greater. However, significant electronic component market shortages were holding back production, resulting in potential deferred revenues in 2021/22.

Parker Meggitt was operating in a complex data environment, with 37 production sites operating on 12 disparate ERP systems. This lack of data visibility, compounded by challenging market conditions within the electronics sector, was making it difficult to source critical components. Despite facing significant supply and demand challenges, the business was also under ongoing pressure to reduce excess stock.
The design and development of an electronic components network availability tool was proposed. Drawing on its specialist data and industry expertise, Vendigital developed a unique web-based tool to facilitate the collection of accurate, near real-time data, to match critical component shortages with excess stock across the global network. The project involved implementing a five-step process, with each stage delivering value for the client enroute to a fully integrated network.

The Network Availability Tool has already helped Parker Meggitt avoid deferred revenue and is likely to be a key asset as part of the acquisition of Parker Meggitt later this year. At a time of global disruption within the electronics sector, the tool also has the unique power of breaking down barriers to collaboration between blue chip organisations across different sectors.”