Anna Nation, Eviden, an Atos business

Inclusion Award

Anna leads Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B) for Atos’ 200+ Consulting team. She has made tangible differences to DEI&B activities and performance. Six of Atos Consulting’s top-rated Great Place to Work ratings are in DEI&B domains.

Anna had a clear vision for what she wanted to achieve. Conversations around the importance of equality started many years ago when we established employee diversity and inclusion networks, yet Anna identified that something was missing. Only the minority – those people most directly affected – were talking about DEI&B. She believed people in protected groups, especially those like her with several intersections, were facing a huge challenge: the majority just didn’t ‘get’ it, whilst affected groups still quietly tolerated a lack of belonging. The catalyst for Anna to ignite real change was a courageous conversation in which she challenged the Head of Consulting to sponsor significant investment in DEI&B.

To accelerate and embed her vision, Anna has since led consulting’s DEI&B strategy and taskforce. She has deployed her consulting and design expertise to devise and deliver innovative, measurable, sustainable ways to move from awareness to action, both internally and with clients.

Through networks Anna has developed over three decades in consulting, she has enrolled decision-makers and the majority into meaningful conversations. She brings a unique, trusted perspective, combined with an ability to break down barriers through her warm, collaborative approach and passion to realise Atos Consulting’s ambition to be inclusive by default.

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