Ahmed Aminu, PwC

Ahmed Aminu, PwC

Rising Star

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistAhmed consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership, teamwork and strong technical knowledge. This spans both projects and client pitches, and has been instrumental in elevating his team’s performance, and in the overall success of PwC’s business. One of Ahmed’s strengths is his ability to build trust effortlessly with senior and junior team members. He displays a remarkable aptitude for communication and collaboration, bringing everyone along on the journey with him. His interpersonal skills extend to clients, who commend his professionalism and dedication, and the technical expertise he brings to every interaction – particularly his work advising clients on consumer duty.

Ahmed is driven to make a difference to his clients, colleagues and society. This drive guided him to leave medical school to join the Financial Conduct Authority, where he delivered a community project helping the lives of over 250,000 women and girls suffering from domestic abuse.

At PwC, Ahmed has delivered innovative solutions for the underserved (people inadequately provided with a product/service) – for example, using AI to support initiatives aimed at ending credit poverty and promoting financial inclusion for the most vulnerable people in the UK.

He also owns a non-profit business that partners young BAME students with mentors in consulting.

Harnessing his relationships with consulting leaders across the big 4, he has so far partnered 78 students with professionals. 62 students secured internships or graduate roles in 2023.

In summary, Ahmed’s passion, versatility and eagerness make him an irreplaceable asset for PwC, its clients, and the wider consulting industry.

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