Damini Tewari, Capgemini Invent

Damini Tewari, Capgemini Invent

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistDamini Tewari comes from a family of outstanding women professionals and world-class debaters – and it shows.

A scientist and critical thinker, Damini is also a team player and born leader. She has the ability to talk to anyone – and thrives on great conversation – but also the ability to listen. She learned these qualities from an early age, knows the value of them and brings them to her team leadership.

But to lead a professional team takes a lot more than a winning personality. It takes organisational discipline, conviction in the talents of those around you, willingness to roll up your sleeves when the situation demands – and empathy. Damini’s background in life sciences – she holds a PhD in immunology and had a distinguished career as a research and teaching academic – is the knowledge foundation for her leadership of teams working for some of Capgemini’s biggest pharmaceutical clients. Her outstanding quality is her ability to know her people.

Understanding the client, staying close to them when they need it – yes. Deep domain knowledge of the life-sciences business, right down to the detail of how therapies are developed and how they work with real people – yes. Ability to cut through jargon and convey the real meaning of technical concepts – yes.

More importantly, Damini senses the dynamic of the team, what people can do and what they need to do it.

And as she says, it’s early days. She has more to do.

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