Edward James, Alba Partners

Edward James, Alba Partners

Experienced Leader Award

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistAlba Partners is delighted to endorse Edward James for the Experienced Leader Award

Ed is a truly outstanding leader. He leads with humility and embodies the principles of Servant Leadership. Rather than focusing solely on achieving personal success he prioritizes the needs and well-being of others. In his line management capacity at Alba Partners he sets the tone and standard for what good looks like and other managers look to him for coaching and guidance as to how to be a great leader. His line reports look up to him with admiration and inspiration. Fundamentally Ed is driven by ‘doing the right thing’ and this runs through his entire approach to his work. Quite simply he is essential and central to the great culture we have created at Alba Partners and we couldn’t have done this without Ed.

Ed’s personal journey from being a classroom teacher to leading our Public Sector practice has a theme of serving the public woven throughout it. His knowledge and expertise he has gained whilst on the front line in the classroom, through to policy setting at DfE has allowed him to become a true leader in the field of Education transformation where he is a widely respected figure in industry.

Alba Partners is extremely grateful to have Ed as part of our leadership team and we all look forward to him continuing to lead and grow our Public Sector practice for many years to come.

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