Erin Forde, KPMG

Erin Forde, KPMG

Rising Star

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistErin has blazed a trail set to inspire others for years to come.

Her work with a major client has proven to be a significant milestone in her career. She was immersed in a wide-ranging project to replace 40,000km of the organisation’s global communications network and reshape its procurement process.

Buoyed by this success she was embedded to work on another project, this time to improve the end-to-end processes of user devices. The brief was to reduce costs, cut waste and improve the mobile telephony in the organisation’s estate across 80,000 global devices and SIMS. She enabled the team to deliver services in a new way. This extended to guiding a team of more experienced colleagues and client representatives to completely redefine the organisations mobile and SIM operating model, from discovery to delivery.

Her accomplishments stand as a testament to her dedication. She was personally chosen as a trusted senior advisor on behalf of the client’s Lead Responsible Executive; she identified £2.5m of annual cost savings and supported her team in resolving more than £15 million in cost savings across the organisation; and in the process she secured £355,000 of new follow-on work for KPMG.

Her client focus, communication skills, willingness to learn and natural leadership skills shine through. Erin has become an indispensable asset for her client, described as “a hugely impactful member of the Director’s team – personally leading and delivering critical work strands at pace to high quality in an energetic, efficient and assertive collaborative leadership style.

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