Hamed Amiri, PwC

Hamed Amiri, PwC

Inclusion Award

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistHamed’s journey from Afghan refugee to becoming Chief of Staff at PwC’s Enterprise Managed Services division is a tale of both resilience and commitment to inclusivity.

Hamed is both consultant and best-selling novelist. His book, The Boy With Two Hearts, is a true story, of fear and hope, that celebrates diversity, and that has become the inspiration for everything Hamed now does in life. At PwC, Hamed makes every effort not only to excel in his technical role, but also to be a driving force for positive cultural change, leaving an indelible mark on his firm and the communities it serves.

Hamed’s book has given him an incredible platform to influence those around him. He has spent the past few years sharing his family’s story, to change perceptions on refugees and diversity. Now, he’s dedicated to infusing PwC’s internal and external interactions with profound inclusivity, enhancing its engagements with clients worldwide. Embracing cultural diversity both strengthens client relationships and also contributes to a more inclusive business environment, he says.
Hamed is a regular speaker at DEI events. Audiences are quick to assimilate his life experiences, and draw parallels with how they want to shape their own experiences – and behaviours – in life. Hamed was also the people & culture lead for his 600+ colleagues and has driven PwC’s relationships with underprivileged and underrepresented parts of South Wales.

Next, Hamed hopes to accelerate the impact of a leadership connectivity initiative he’s working on, such as mentoring a tech ambassador programme, so that all technologists’ voices can be represented in PwC’s approach.

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