Natasha Edwards, KPMG

Natasha Edwards, KPMG

Rising Star

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistSince joining KPMG as a technology strategy consultant in November 2021, Natasha Edwards has displayed vision and leadership beyond her years to initiate and lead a new AI strategy team and establish a vibrant, 1,500-strong global AI community.

Previously a digital engineer at Rolls Royce, Natasha’s time at KPMG has seen her build on this know-how to develop KPMG’s AI capacities, enabling the firm to offer new business insights to clients.

The firm-wide AI community she established empowers employees with an interest in the technology to come together for discussion and learning. Enthusiasm for the initiative was palpable from the start, with 100 attendees at the first meeting. The community has since grown to include over 1,500 people worldwide. As well as regular presentations and discussions, members benefit from drop-in sessions, a central resources dashboard, and regular news bulletins. Natasha’s work has led to real improvements in the work of KPMG. It has also inspired other projects in which she has played a central role, and which underscore the firm’s position as a leader in AI.

Natasha has combined determination and drive with collaborative teamwork to become a recognised role model. She initiated and now leads KPMG’s AI strategy team, where she supports top executives in the adoption of the technology. Senior colleagues have praised Natasha’s strategic thinking and technical skills. For her part, she believes passionately that previous experience is not a prerequisite to work with AI – a genuine desire to learn and innovate is far more important.

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