Poonam Wadhwa, PwC

Poonam Wadhwa, PwC

Rising Star

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistPoonam is fast becoming one of PwC’s most sought-after consultants. She stands out from her peers in both aptitude and client delivery, and her abilities don’t stop there – she is also fully rounded on the business importance of coaching and developing PwC’s pipeline of talent. This is demonstrated through her passion and commitment to PwC’s South Asian female network, and support to PwC’s graduate and junior grades.

Poonam’s mantra is “Don’t try to be something you’re not”, and she prioritises authenticity in all facets of her life – especially when working with clients and her teams. Her goal is to establish environments in which everyone is appreciated, heard, and valued for their uniqueness.

For Poonam, this year has been like no other. She has stayed true to her values to drive positive change, whether through leading major client programmes, fostering team collaboration, or championing best practices. These actions have not only contributed to her growth and development, but have also had a significant impact on her team, clients, and community. She recognises she has immense potential within the consulting industry, and is committed to feeding not only her own growth but also that of those around her.

Poonam sits within PwC’s Financial Services Enterprise Transformation team. She’s proud to be working in this sector, supporting clients that underpin the growth of the UK economy. She is on track to become central to and a specialist in delivering transformation excellence, and is fundamental to PwC’s long-term vision as a team.

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