Rachel Kealy, Enfuse Group

Rachel Kealy, Enfuse Group

Young Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistAnalytical and innovative, Rachel has developed her presence as a natural influencer within the space of data capability development. She is passionate about presenting the technical details of data capability in compelling, accessible, and impactful formats that speak to every level of businesses and drive action

Rachel has experience in developing data capability maturity across a range of sectors including higher education, hospitality, and publishing. Drawing on these experiences, she co-leads the Data and Analytics Capability within Enfuse and holds responsibilities for training staff and developing products and services that empower clients to achieve data excellence in the context of rapidly developing technological possibility.

Specifically, Rachel is the product owner and co-author of the latest version of the powerful and flexible strategic data capability development tool, 4dDX, which provides businesses with a complete blueprint to develop data maturity. Recently she evolved the tool to define how businesses should mature their data to harness the power of AI use cases both safely and effectively. Looking forwards, Rachel is developing industry-specific versions of 4dDX to further establish its presence in sectors where it offers the most impact.

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