Roxy Ryan, Capgemini Invent

Roxy Ryan, Capgemini Invent

Rising Star

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistAll consultants say they put their clients first, but only the very best, like Roxy Ryan, are willing to visit loading bays at 3am to gain first-hand knowledge of a client’s supply chain.

Roxy is a rising star not only because she goes that extra mile to do her job. A trained data technician, she also excels in communicating complex technical information in language non-specialists can understand. One VP colleague says: “Roxy’s data literacy enables her to play a conduit role. Her ability to tell a story behind the data and engage business stakeholders makes her pivotal to selling and leading these in-demand projects.”

She dissects issues with rigour and precision, listens and observes before analysing and brainstorming with peers. Where others think complex problems require complex solutions, Roxy knows they often need simple ones.

Roxy loves being a consultant and puts her own spin on the role. A passionate cook and certified personal trainer, she brings a no-frills, hands-on approach to consulting. She believes clients today appreciate plain speaking and a willingness to get to know their business from the ground up.

Roxy’s first assignment to carry out an end-to-end supply-chain diagnostic was for a big UK retailer. Her analysis delivered potential cost savings of up to £80 million. In her first year in the job, she was promoted to senior consultant, which usually takes two or three years. In her second year, she created an in-house innovation incubator that’s already produced a prototype about to go commercial.

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