Ruth Luscombe, Inner Circle Consulting

Ruth Luscombe, Inner Circle Consulting

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

MCA Awards 2024 FinalistAs an experienced consultant in public services, I’ve always been driven by a deep-seated commitment to fairness and equity. Joining my current firm, I found a platform to amplify these values, helping to steer the focus for public services towards true prevention rather than crisis response.

With a UK cost of living crisis, huge reductions in public sector budgets, increasing complexity of need and rising inequality, urgent change in the sector is necessary to avoid future disaster for communities.Leading this charge requires not just individual effort, but the orchestration of great teams dedicated to our mission.

Over the past 18 months since joining my current firm, I have led consulting teams for clients across the UK – including in Liverpool, Fife, Camden, Salford, Southwark, Stockton and Middlesbrough, as they grapple with the challenge of how to do more for communities with less resources. In parallel we have been co-designing with our clients our “Ideal Type model” which provides a framework for local government to make a step change towards a deeply preventative model.

I have led on the development of this offer for my firm which is unique in the sector compared ot more traditional transformation consulting offers which focus on specific service offers, and what can be adapted within organisational boundaries.

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